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Catch Up With The Injustice 2 Comic Prequel

The Injustice series, owned by DC Comics, is also a comic book series that coincides with the games. The first four chapters of the Injustice 2 comics serve as a prequel to the Injustice 2 game, bridging Injustice: Gods Among Us to the sequel. The remaining issues cover what’s experienced in Injustice 2’s Story Mode.
The comic opens with Superman in jail just where the first Injustice game ends. Superman talks about how he doesn’t regret how he ran the world and that Batman restoring the world to what it was or shaping the world to his vision would not be any good. Batman leaves the prison and we see that he went there with his unlikely ally, Harley Quinn. Batman tells her that Superman is right; he needs help to fix the world after Superman‘s actions. As they leave, Harley Quinn implies that Batman wants her to be his new Robin and leaves Batman confused as she speeds off.
Harley Quinn retreats to her current residence: the Quiver, Green Arrow‘s former home. She doesn’t have long to relax as she is captured by the American government and when she awakens she has a bomb strapped to her brain stem and is now part of a group called the Suicide Squad.

Meanwhile we learn that Green Arrow and Black Canary safely reside on another Earth thanks to the aid of Dr. Fate, but he tells them that Black Canary was meant to die. He tells them that their Earth is now safe and says that Batman will need their help to begin rebuilding.

Back in Harley Quinn‘s prison she warns them that she is good friends with Batman and that they should watch out. Surely enough someone shows up to break her out and take out the prison guards. It looks like Batman, but he is weilding two machine guns and has an evil look in his eyes as his guns smoke as if he shot someone.

Batman, weilding two big guns, declares that he is taking the Suicide Squad to help him clean up the world. He also mentions that he doesn’t need incompentent workers or anyone he doesn’t see fit to join him and uses a tablet to detonate the bombs strapped to the brain stem of multiple convicts to murder them. The rest are escorted outside by Batman to a helicopter. Deadshot is seen in the background, but suddenly a second Batman shows up.

The second Batman appears to be the real Batman and the Batman with guns and red eyes says that he is Batman now. He even calls the real Batman by the name of Bruce Wayne. The fake Batman wins the battle, leaving Bruce Wayne unmasked and left unconscious as the faker leaves with an army of villains under his control.

In the hospital Batman recovers from his battle with the fake Batman that just hijacked a group of supervillains. Batgirl and Lucious Fox are there to help him get back on his feet when Batman receives a message from the deceased Lex Luthor. A hologram recorded before he died says that he will be giving his wealth to Bruce Wayne in hopes that he can form a group that will be able to rebuild and lead the world like how he discussed with Superman. As Batman prepares to track down the fake Batman he is informed another “dead” person wanted to speak to him: Green Arrow and Black Canary. Green Arrow died in this universe, but this Green Arrow from another universe has come to provide help with Black Canary.

After a romantic moment where Black Canary proposes to Green Arrow, an alarm sounds. The prison where Superman is being held has a power outage. All of the back-up generators aren’t working either, meaning that this is a planned attack… 

To be continued, in the Story Mode in the Injustice 2 game. 

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