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Burning Questions for Fear The Walking Dead

If you have watched the past three episodes of “Fear The Walking Dead”, you probably have a lot of burning questions already. Your love and frustration with the characters has grown and you wonder how long before they too become one of the walking dead.  You spend a little or a lot of your time thinking about what’s going to happen next, but there are a few websites that will tell you how long your favorite characters are going to last if you do the research. I won’t tell you what sites they are but these sites have accidentally informed us of how long each character has on the show. Once you have that knowledge does it matter. You all know one thing for sure, everybody’s time will come. The burning questions still remain and I will list them below:

  1. What caused this rise of the walking dead?
  2. How are people contracting this disease without dying or being bitten?
  3. Why is the body reanimated when you die?
  4. If everyone has this disease, why is it not happening right away?
  5. Will Any of the characters live to cross the paths of the characters we love the most in, “The Walking Dead”

I am interested in seeing which question is most important to you so I have setup a poll.

Which question would you liked answered the most?

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