Vampires rejoice! Australia Post is considering delivering blood by drone

With the continual decline in the number of physical letters being posted, it’s perhaps no big surprise that Australia’s national postal service is always on the lookout for new ways to make a buck — and the service's CEO, Christine Holgate, has suggested one particularly new and innovative way

Microsoft Surface Phone release date, news and rumors

Update: New Surface Phone information suggests it might have a built-in projector, come in two models and go by the name Surface Mobile. The Surface Phone is the stuff of smartphone legend, with rumors of the device dating back to 2012. Since then it has popped in and out of the

Here’s a new look at Apple’s self-driving car (video)

Apple's self-driving car has been spotted again on a public road, and this new sighting reveals some notable changes from the last time the vehicle was caught on camera, suggesting Apple's self-driving car tech has possibly undergone another update. On Wednesday, we saw an unmarked Lexus SUV driving around Sunnyvale,

American Express: Why blockchain could save help save you from fraud

American Express could be set to push even further into blockchain research that could revolutionise the way its users stay secure from fraud. The card provider is investigating ways in which blockchain can be used for safeguarding user identities, as well as helping merchants securely process transactions, a senior company

How to watch England vs Pakistan: live stream Test cricket wherever you are

It's been a long hard winter for the England cricket team. The seven winter Tests in Australia and New Zealand were a difficult and humbling slog. So there's a lot riding on the first international match of the summer - and we'll tell you how to live stream the

Battlefield V release date, trailers and news

After the huge success of Battlefield 1 in 2016 and a break in 2017, the Battlefield franchise will return in 2018 with a brand-new game called Battlefield V. This time players will go back to WW2 with a range of single-player and multiplayer missions that will take them through

Battlefield V: 5 big things you need to know

Everyone suspected, the rumors suggested, but now we know: the next addition to the Battlefield franchise is called Battlefield V and it’s going to take us back to the second world war. We know what you’re thinking: Battlefield has taken us there before, hasn’t it? Why would we want