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Audi to Sell Ducati to Fund VW Dieselgate Losses? (News)

  • April 27, 2017
  • Dirck Edge

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Reuters is reporting that Volkswagen is considering the sale of Ducati, which is currently owned by Volkswagen subsidiary Audi.  Audi acquired Ducati in 2012 for close to one billion dollars.

The desire to sell Ducati, again according to the Reuters report, is “to help fund a strategic overhaul following its emission scandal.” For context, Volkswagen violated diesel emissions laws in multiple jurisdictions leading to a multi-billion Euro outlay to fund litigation and fines.

The Reuters report indicates there could be a number of potential buyers, but that VW is just in early, investigatory stages with regards to a potential sale.  Ducati has developed itself into a profitable and more diverse brand of late.  It will be interesting to see whether other established motorcycle brands take an interest in acquiring the legendary Italian marque.

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