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Astro Boy: Edge of Time Released With Soundtrack and Limited Edition Items

Active Gaming Media is proud to present Astro Boy: Edge of Time, and its soundtrack is out now on Steam!20th June 2017

Active Gaming Media Inc. (CEO: Ibai Ameztoy, HQ: Osaka, Nishi-ku,, in association with Tezuka Productions, is proud to announce that the latest battle strategy card game, Astro Boy: Edge of Time, and its accompanying soundtrack, has released on Steam!

Astro Boy: Edge of Time

A whole new deck and world built out of the beloved characters from Osamu Tezuka, reimagined by famous creators. Astro Boy: Edge of Time features a brand new story for the Tezuka universe and introduces a new tournament mode. This is a card game that can be enjoyed by everyone, from beginners to advanced players.
Active Gaming Media have launched the game on Steam today, June 20th, 2017, with both English and Japanese versions available.

Steam Store Page:
Launch Trailer:

Black Jack”, “Dororo”, “Ambassador Magma”, “The Pheonix”, “Astro Boy”…
2018 celebrates the 90th birth anniversary of Osamu Tezuka, a literature genius who is attributed as the father of manga. For his works to touch new generations to come, a new game has been developed to introduce the characters of Tezuka. New creators have redesigned his characters in a modern era to reintroduce them to a younger generation, meanwhile still retaining Tezuka’s original charm.

Game System

Astro Boy: Edge of Time is a card battle game where Osamu Tezuka‘s characters appear. Whoever reduces their opponents HP to 0 will be victorious. Each players has a deck built with 30 cards, which can be placed on the battle field using “Quantum”. There are two types of positions the cards can take.
“Enforcers” make up the attacking cards, leading the battle and are used to deplete your opponents HP.
“Guardians” build up the line of defense, acting as the support in the field. They are unable to attack, but as long as they are standing, the opponent won’t be able to attack the player’s HP directly.
It is necessary to create strategies by utilizing the various skills of each card, while also considering the fighting environment and your opponent’s potential attacks.

Story Mode

Dark forces beyond understanding have consumed nearly all that exists. Ripped to shreds, left for dead, those that find themselves still alive find hope in an unseen power that transports them safely to “The Sprawl”, a city that exists outside the normal flow of space and time.
Humans and robots alike coexist in this new world, building themselves a new peaceful existence. Until Goa, the King of Darkness arrives…

Heroes, including Astro Boy and Ambassador Magma, gathered to fight against Goa with all their might. However, in the middle of the battle, a new type of hero appeared called “Summoner”, gifted with the ability to create hard light construct clones of those they meet and bring them into battle.
The price of battle was great, Ambassador Magma no longer moves, and is currently in a deep sleep at the core of the city. But worse yet, Astro Boy is now missing.
With the hearts of the people crushed after the invasion of Goa, a human falls into “The Sprawl”, triggering the world to move in a new direction. That human is you…

June 20th – July 3rd: Limited Edition Items!

To commemorate the release of Astro Boy: Edge of Time on Steam, we are distributing the following limited edition items from June 20th to July 3rd.

Basic Packs!
For everyone who logs in during this period, we will give them a free basic pack which contains 5 random cards!

Special Avatars!
For all members that win a rank battle, random matching, friend battle or tournament battle during the event, we will be offering a special avatar. You can get Hyakkimaru, Uran and Tengu.

Special Versions of Rare Cards!
We will be distributing a copy of a super rare card to winners of 5 consecutive matches in Tournament mode during the event! These special versions will be Black Jack or Epsilon.

  • Avatars and Special Card Versions will be distributed after the event is over.

Astro Boy: Edge of Time Original Soundtrack –Steam Version-

Upon the release of Astro Boy: Edge of Time, the original soundtrack will also be distributed simultaneously.
Eleven of the most prominent songs composed by Akira Yamaoka for Astro Boy: Edge of Time are featured in this Soundtrack.

Track List:
01. Mandelbrot Set
02. Infinity World
03. Nonstandard Analysis
04. General Theory of Relativity
05. Governing Equation
06. Control Theory
07. Robust
08. Fuzzer
09. ActiveX
10. Equilibrium Manifold
11. Exponential Stability

Title: Astro Boy: Edge of Time
Price: Free (In-App purchases available)
Device: PC (Windows)
Platform: Steam
Languages: English, Japanese
Release Date: 20 June, 2017

System Requirements:
OS: Windows7/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 7600GT, Radeon X1650XT or higher
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: Screen resolution: 1280 x 720 or higher (4:3 not fully supported)

Soundtrack: Astro Boy: Edge of Time -Steam VersionPrice:
$9.99 (10% off during launch week)


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