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AppleCare+ for your iPhone X is going to be (more) expensive

Considering that the newly unveiled iPhone X commands a hefty price tag a of $999/£999/AU$1,579, it’s not a bad idea to opt for an extended warranty to protect your premium phone.

However, be prepared to pay extra for the privilege, as Apple is charging $199/£199/AU$299 to cover the iPhone X under AppleCare+, asking a higher price than normal for the service, which provides two years of accident coverage and technical support.

To compare, AppleCare+ for other iPhones (including the also-just-announced iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus) costs $129/£129/AU$189, and seems to offer comparable, if not exact, coverage for customers.

The “+” refers to the new price

Considering the brand-new, bezel-less OLED display on the iPhone X (which also doubles as the new Home Button) we imagine that the primo handset is more complex/expensive to repair compared to other iPhone models, possibly explaining the price hike.

That said, the inflation is sure to make some buyers inhale sharply through gritted teeth, as even two years’ worth of peace mind is difficult to work into the budget once the final tally for a covered iPhone X exceeds well into quadruple-digits.

The iPhone X releases November 3, with pre-orders planned to start October 27. 

Via The Verge

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