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A QB in waiting and the aftermath of violence

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rantnrave:// Fifty-three years ago Saturday, Roger Bannister ran a 3:59.4 mile. It was one of the great sporting accomplishments of modern times. Many have run faster miles since, but in breaking the four-minute barrier, Bannister achieved a feat that some thought wasn’t physically possible. Jordan, Ali, Ruth et al, were great athletes, the best in their sport. They transcended sports. Bannister transcended something else: the limits of the human body. In a display of perfect timing, Saturday could bring us another running marvel. Nike’s push for a sub-two-hour marathon continues that day in Italy with three runners trying to accomplish that magical feat — or at least come close. Eliud Kipchoge’s agent promised he’ll run under 2:01, which would obliterate the world record of 2:02:57. The quest to break two hours doesn’t have the same allure as the Bannister’s feat. This is as much a brand push and marketing campaign by Nike as it is sport, but it’s still cool. Strip away the publicity aspect and just think of what could happen. I won’t buy a new pair of Nike running shoes if Kipchoge actually does it (New Balanace, probably), but his feat wouldn’t be any less spectacular. All runners, after all, are trying to push their own bodies past their limits, too. …. What Bill Gates learned from playing tennis with Roger Federer. … Lonzo Ball debuted his first shoe Thursday and the reviews for the ZO2:PRIME are positive so far. But design will be only part of the issue for his family’s Big Baller Brand. The Balls can make shoes but can they market them, get them to stores and scale? The first shoe retails for $495. Will anyone pay that much for a signature shoe for a player who might not go No. 1 in the NBA draft and isn’t attached to a big shoe company? I hope the Balls succeed — anyone bucking the system deserves some applause — but the shoe game is difficult for athletes. Maybe there’s a reason the Starbury hasn’t been duplicated.

Lesser quarterbacks have gotten contracts while the controversial former 49er waits.
Christine Brennan | USA Today

“It is not worth it at all. I should have stayed quiet.”
Lindsay Gibbs | ThinkProgress

High school wrestlers don’t have to wear singlets anymore and that’s a good thing.
Jeff Harder | Vice Sports

Bill Gates shares what it’s like to team up with Roger Federer on the tennis court.
Bill Gates | Gates Notes

There will be too much senseless heartbreak in this story, so let’s open with the joy the cyclist surely felt in the last hour of his life. It was two days after Christmas in 2014. The cyclist had spent the early part of the day with his family — his wife, Rachel, and his children, Sadie and Sam, 6 and 4 at the time — and his wife urged him to go for a ride.
Peter Flax | CyclingTips


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