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7 Things Pokemon Duel Doesn’t Tell You

Pokemon Duel does a fairly decent job at teaching players the ins and outs of the game with the Training Center, but there are a few questions left unanswered. Here are some important mechanics you should know about if you want to play Pokemon Duel (Pokemon Comaster). 

You won’t see any iconic “It’s Super Effective!” announcements in Pokemon Duel. Fletchling’s Acrobatics will come to a draw against Tyrogue’s High Jump Kick, even though in the Pokemon world Fletchling should have the type advantage.

Instead, when Pokemon go head-to-head on the battle field the outcome is decided by part Rock, Paper Scissors mechanic, part RNG. 

Tyrogue and Fletchling would come to a Draw with those attacks because they are both White attacks that do 50 damage. The numbers you see under the Size category represents the percentage of the roulette wheel those attacks take up.

Blue > Purple > White > Red (Miss).

Blue, typically a defense move, beats Purple and White, Draws against other Blue.

Purple, typically a Status Effect or special effect move, beats lower rank Purple (less stars) and all White moves. If both moves used are Purple and have the same amount of Stars, it’s a Draw and nothing happens.

White, typically a damaging attack, beats other White moves as long as it does more damage, but draws against other White moves that do the same amount of damage.

Gold moves are special priority moves that lose against Blue, beat Purple, but are treated like any other White attack when against White.

The caveat is that you can’t just choose which of your Pokemon’s moves to use. A roulette wheel spins when combat starts, randomly determining the move used.

Take all of this into consideration and don’t start fights you statistically won’t win.

Pokemon Duel puts emphasis on capturing your opponent’s base point to win, but there are other ways to win, if not ideal.

The WaitWin is awarded if your opponent can do nothing on his or her next turn. Blocking both of the opponent’s spawn points (the swirly points in the corners, on either side of the goal) and defeating all of the remaining Pokemon on the field will award you a WaitWin.

Blocking the spawn points and forcing your opponent’s last Pokemon to lose a turn will result in the same.

Blocking the opponent’s spawn points is generally a good idea anyway, so by all means, prevent your opponent from sending more Pokemon out onto the field! However, keep in mind that that succeeding with a WaitWin will usually disqualify you from completing an extra challenge when against AIs (see below).

See the timer at the top when playing against real people? This is individual for each player. If yours runs out before your opponents, you automatically lose. This is a good mechanic in play that prevents online players from taking forever to literally calculate the best move, or worse, ignoring the game, unnaturally slowing the pace of the game.

Pressing the yellow “Play” button on the main screen automatically puts you into a queue to match up with another real, live player somewhere around the world. Defeating other players earns you mystery Time Boosters that unlock after a certain amount of time has passed. 

To practice against AIs, click the blue dumbbell icon to access the Training Center.

To progress through the story mode against AIs, tap the blue icon to the right of the “Play” button, and choose Quests. 

EditYou Can Unlock Only One Time Booster at a Time and…

You also have to manually tap on a Time Booster to activate its timer. Unfortunately you can’t stock up on Time Boosters and activate them all at the same time when you go to bed.

You can manually open another booster early with Gems, while another booster is simultaneously counting down, but this is not recommended! For what it costs in Gems to open a Rainbow Time Booster, for example, you could purchase a 4-Pack Booster in the Shop! Patience is more rewarding. 

Defeating a stage in Quest Mode will reward you with something depending on the color the roulette wheel landed on. So far, we know that the Red rewards will always be Coins, and the Blue rewards will be figurines, usually of Pokemon. 

These stages can be completed again to earn duplicate figurines, which can be very advantageous if the earned Pokemon have synergistic abilities. 

Before starting a stage in Quest Mode or in the Training Center, tap the symbol with the three stars to view the challenges for that stage.

Completing these extra challenges earns you a few extra Gems, which are sent to your Inbox.

Why are Gems important? They’re the premium currency used to purchase more Boosters with Pokemon figures!

Once you move your Pokemon figure, that’s it. There is no “undo” button in Pokemon Duel, so make sure your decision is solid before you tap on anything.

Remember, once you move your Pokemon, you can no longer use a Plate that turn. Plates are items that perform special actions, such as switching the positions of two Pokemon or boosting Attack for a turn.

Know more things Pokemon Duel doesn’t tell you? Add them yourself! Just log in and click the Edit button at the top of this page.

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