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3,000 Square Foot Closet of Fashion

Business philanthropy expert and CEO Theresa Roemer was featured on Good Morning America recently because she owns a 3,000 square foot, $500,000, three story closet- the largest in America! The closet was built to have a unique space to host charity fundraisers and the higher end items are rotated out weekly as donations and as raffle items at fundraising events.As an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire by the time she was 38, Theresa built a line of fitness clubs, which she has since sold.  Now, the CEO of several small businesses, including a fashion line launching in the fall, Theresa’s passion is in giving back. “Personally, it’s my SHE CAVE.  Men have a MAN CAVE, so why can’t a woman have a SHE CAVE?  This is my special space.  I meditate, cry if I’m upset, pray, read, relax, visit with close or special friends, and if you can fit in to my size 6, shoes 9, by all means have a blast. Professionally, You get a lot more RSVPs on a fundraising invitation that reads “Join us in Theresa Roemer’s closet” than XYZ Country Club. The charities and individuals I work with on a regular basis know me and know that they may contact me any time to host a function here.  But as a business philanthropist, any company can contact me to arrange a charity event and possibly use my closet”, says Theresa.

It’s not only Theresa’s space that will make any woman jump for joy, but the collection of fashion is enough to make the Carrie Bradshaw in us all swoon. The designer labels are endless and the designer signs many of the shoes on the sole. Visiting the space is nothing short of a dream, but more importantly the charity events held inside support reputable organizations that make the dreams come true of those in need.

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