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30 Tips For Success in the Battlefront 2 Beta

This page contains tips, hints, and strategies for success in Star Wars Battlefront II.
Here’s a quick rundown of basic game mechanics and concepts.

  • There are 4 modes available for play in the Battlefront II beta:
    • Arcade: This mode is single-player or co-op, and focuses on eliminating waves of NPC enemies.
    • Galactic Assault: Two teams of twenty players battle are faced with various objectives to either advance or defend their army’s position. The beta map for Galactic Assault is Naboo, where players on the Droid Army side must advance their troop transport through the city and capture the Palace, while the Clone Army side must prevent them from succeeding at all costs.
    • Starfighter Assault: A 24-player space battle. The Rebellion team needs to complete a series of objectives while attempting to destroy a Star Destroyer, while the Imperial ships must stop them.
    • Strike Mission: The New Order team must breach the castle on Takodana and retrieve a relic to their evac ship, while the Resistance forces must prevent them from escaping.
  • Instead of setting a classic Loadout with various gear, players choose a class with preset weapons and abilities.
  • Each soldier in Battlefront 2 only has one primary weapon, unless one of their Abilities is a secondary firearm.
  • Playing in games earn you crates that can unlock new weapons, skins and Star Cards. Star Cards can be added to your character classes starships to enhance their combat effectiveness or unlock new abilities.
  • You can also unlock Crafting Parts that let you build mods for your unlocked weapons.

Whether you are engaging in dog-fights in the air or reinforcing a position as a ground soldier, you must choose a specific class before entering the fight. In the Star Wars Battlefront II beta, players will choose between Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist in the Strike and Galactic Assault modes.

In Starfighter Assault players will choose between Fighter, Interceptor, and Bomber. Choosing the right class for the right situation is extremely important in Battlefront II. Having a well-balanced team in terms of classes can allow each class to flourish at its respective role.

  • Players will have to choose classes before entering the fray in Battlefront II. Make sure to learn beforehand what each class does and their unique abilities.
  • Having a healthy balance of each class is vital in trying to achieve victory. Try to see what your allies are and play off of them. For example, a team of all Heavy classes on a long-laned map will not have as much success as a mix of Specialists and Heavy classes.

The Assault class has a unique ability where it marks enemies, sprints faster, and draws a powerful shotgun weapon with no cooldown.

  • Use the Vanguard ability to close distances quickly or to execute flanking maneuvers.
  • Multiple Assault classes using Vanguard simultaneously can easily destroy an entire team close quarters.

The Heavy class has a unique ability where they can summon a portable turret to deal massive damage to opponents.

  • Using this turret on multiple enemies is an obvious tip, but using it in tandem with your Combat Shield can turn you into a living tank.
  • The Combat Shield can be used whenever, so remember to use it when outnumbered to stay in the battle longer.

The Officer class can put down a stationary turret for cover-fire.

  • Maximize your turret’s efficiency by putting it down in a choke or putting it near objectives like the ion cannons on Naboo.
  • Officers can also repair and detonate their cannons. Try putting the cannon behind corners and detonating them when enemies get too close!
  • The Officer really shines with their Fortitude ability. Make sure you use this ability when you are next to at least two allies. Try timing this ability when your Assault or Heavy classes activate their unique abilities.

The Specialist is best at long-range, but can also use its abilities to sneak behind the enemy’s front lines.

  • Your main gun can fire semi-automatically, meaning while it’s best at long range, it can be useful at medium range in a pinch.
  • If enemies get too close, activate your Infiltration ability to whip out a high damage burst rifle.
  • Infiltration also makes you temporarily invisible to enemy radar, meaning it’s a great tool for escaping a fight if you need some breathing room.

It’s easy to get lost in Battlefront’s hectic ship battles. Follow these tips to be more efficient and survive longer in Starfighter Assault.

The Fighter class is a perfect blend between speed and damage output.

  • Use the Fighter class for most engagements besides taking down high-health targets like carriers and generators.
  • Fighter ships can unleash a volley of laser blasts as well. For maximum damage with this volley, try to get right behind an enemy, or use it on stationary targets.

The Interceptor class is extremely quick but not well-armored.

  • Use the Interceptor class to pick off other players quickly.
  • The Interceptor’s unique ability allows you to achieve an unbreakable lock on a target, then deal bonus damage to it. Make sure to always use this ability when the cooldown is up as you can mow through enemy players one by one.

The Bomber is the slowest Starfighter in the game, but offers the most firepower.

  • Use the Bomber class when targeting space vessels and other high-health targets.
  • Make sure, if you’re playing as a Bomber, you’ve got Fighters and Interceptors nearby to watch your back.

You’ll be fighting against AI-controlled ships and player-controlled ships in this mode. You can easily pick out which ships are player-controlled by the way they move around compared to AI-controlled ships. AI-controlled ships will generally be slower and less erratic than player-controlled ships so try to pick off other players before focusing on AI.

All ships come with tracking missiles. There is a warning on your HUD when a missile begins to track you. Instead of trying to speed boost away to evade it, try making sharp turns and flying into a cluttered area to lose the missile. Staying out of wide-open areas in general is the best way to find cover quickly when under attack.

EditBattlepoints and Star Cards

Players can accrue Battlepoints and Star Cards in Battlefront II to change how they play. Battlepoints are points earned in-game and Star Cards are rewards you can earn from games.

Battlepoints can be earned in-game by damaging or killing an enemy. You can also earn battlepoints by going on streaks and assisting your allies. Use these Battlepoints to summon iconic Heroes other strong reinforcement characters. How you choose to use your Battlepoints is up to you: use it early on to gain an advantage on the battlefield or save them up to use on a Hero late in the game. Either way, sticking with your teammates and working together to defeat your enemies is the fastest way to rack up those Battlepoints.

Star Cards are earned through crates and are used to customize your battlestyle. There are Star Cards for every class and playing style so accrue a bunch of Star Cards to see what options are available for you in terms of customization.

Each multiplayer mode has a set objective you must complete in order to win the game. Running around and killing everything you see is cool and all but it won’t result in a victory if the other team focuses on the objective. Some modes have you protecting a carrier or destroying said carrier and some modes you must steal and extract secret plans. Keep an eye out on your objective and work together with your teammates to complete that objective.

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