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$30 cocktails?! How much everything costs at Super Bowl LI

For the 71,000-plus fans fortunate enough to attend Super Bowl LI in person, paying to get through the gates is just part of the expense. Eating, drinking and buying souvenirs is anything but cheap. Here’s a quick sampling of how much fans will pay for some notable items at the big game at NRG Stadium.


If you want to drink at the Super Bowl, it’ll set you back. A single-shot cocktail goes for $15. A double? You guessed it: $30. Premium beer comes with a $14 price tag, while domestic Budweiser products are $12. Frozen margaritas — which come in multiple colors! — are priced at $18.


It wouldn’t be the Super Bowl in Texas without some barbecue offerings, such as the $14 BBQ potato and the $12 chopped BBQ sandwich. If you’re looking for something a little more filling, you can get a zesty raspberry chicken potato and a souvenir beer — 1,500-plus calories! — for $25. Killen’s Barbecue also has a spot behind Section 129 that’s offering a $31 combo of a pulled pork sandwich and a beer.

A quick rundown of your more standard concessions: double burger ($8), regular hot dog ($8), footlong hot dog ($10), souvenir soda ($11), specialty nachos ($14) and peanuts ($7).

NRG Stadium also brought its A-game with popcorn and desserts. Cheetos popcorn will set you back $11, while a huge bucket of bottomless popcorn goes for $15. And who doesn’t love a good ($14) cookie sundae?!


The T-shirts in the first photo below range from $35 to $40. Falcons and Patriots team-branded Super Bowl LI sweatshirts go for $80, while the golf shirts are slightly cheaper ($70). The women’s V-neck Super Bowl LI T-shirt is priced at $35. All of the hats are $30, with the exception of the $75 snapbacks (final picture).


Sitting in the nosebleeds and forgot your binoculars? No problem: You can rent a pair for $10 and a $20 deposit. The souvenir shot glass below goes for $10, as well.


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