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2018 Nissan 370Z

The 2018 Nissan 370Z is a confident coupe or roadster with an impressive pedigree and a recognizable shape. It’s comparatively aged, but an instant classic for most owners.

The 2018 Nissan 370Z is a pure two-seater sports car without room for interpretation. Have you seen that cockpit?

That’s just fine by us, we prefer fun when it’s unfettered by logic.

This year the venerable Z returns with a very mild makeover—new lights, rear bumper, and wheels—and a look-at-me yellow Heritage Edition option for base coupes. Above base, the coupe is offered in Sport, Touring, and Sport Tech trims. Convertibles are offered in base, Touring, and Touring Sport trims. The Nismo trim stands alone as the performance pick of the bunch.

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We give the range a 6.2 overall with an asterisk. There are better sports cars on the market, and the 370Z won’t live on forever. We appreciate it while it’s here and know we’ll miss when it’s gone. (Read more about how we rate cars.)

Nissan makes the Z available in coupe, convertible, and performance Nismo variants. All are powered by a 3.7-liter V-6 that makes at least 332 horsepower (350 hp in Nismo editions) and is mated to a sharp 6-speed manual or optional 7-speed automatic.

Our pick is the manual because of course it is. Any trim with the word “Sport” in it—or Nismo—gets a rev-matching system that’s thrilling for any driver who’s not looking to heel-toe their way to the stores.

Nissan has done its best to temper the aging and coarse V-6 that it’s used in the 370Z for years now, but tire drone and slightly unnerving tones still make their way into the cabin.

This year’s news is a bright yellow model that adds yellow interior accents, but it’s frustratingly limited to base coupes that don’t offer a touchscreen, rearview camera, or noise cancellation technology to quell the engine noise.

The 370Z lacks advanced safety tech to bring it into this decade, which won’t concern many shoppers, but it also comes up short on some creature comforts too.

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