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10 best air purifiers that you can buy in India right now

With the pollution level rising at an alarming rate, air purifiers have emerged as one of the saviours to fight rising complications due to air pollution. Seeing the rise in demand, most of the big brands have started making air purifiers which can cost you up to lakhs. But, before you make that purchase, it’s necessary to look at some decisive factors like the room size, filter replacement charges, standard certification, noise levels, electricity consumption etc.

We’ve been informing you about the best deals on various e-commerce platforms across wide range of gadgets and gizmos, and with Diwali being celebrated last week, air pollution has again taken a toll. Every year, the risk of rise in health related issues increases especially during the festival of Diwali, acting as the major contributor in growing pollution level. PM (Particulate matter) 2.5 is the term used to define the mixture of fine particles including dust, dirt, smoke and liquid having a diameter less than 2.5 microns so naturally it cannot be seen through naked eyes.

While the outdoor air pollution leads to serious health problems, the indoor pollution is no less harmful than that. According to WHO, 4.3 million people die from being exposed to household air pollution. To combat this, several companies have devised air purifiers which can improve the quality of the air indoors. It is believed that within the span of 2 hours, these air purifiers can improve the air quality from hazardous to good. So, in this piece, we have listed some of the best air purifiers which you can use to stay void of such vulnerabilities. And, if you are looking for a handy air purifier which you can carry on the go, the Kurin Atom is one such device that you can opt for.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2

Using ultra dense Toray EPA filter, the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier offers resistance from PM 2.5, pollen grains, dust and dirt particles and other allergic components. Equipped with powerful aero dynamic system, the purifier provides a 310m3/h Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR) and circulates pure air in 21m2 area in 10 minutes. The term CADR refers to the international standard for measuring the effectiveness of the air purifier.

The cylindrical shape of the purifier allows the filter to trap the air from 360 degrees. Its activated carbon filter promises to filter harmful gases and bad odour from the air. It also comes with smart control system which allows users to control the purifier with their smartphone using the Mi Home App. The system also keeps a check on the filter and alerts the user when it needs to be replaced. Priced at Rs. 8,999, the purifier works silently with 58 percent less energy consumption. So, Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 is an affordable smart device.

Buy  Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 for Rs 8,999 @ Amazon 

Buy  Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 for Rs 8,999 @ Flipkart

Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G

Honeywell Air Touch has a 3D air flow function which takes in air from the sides and bottom and releases pure air from the top. With 300 m3/h CADR, the purifier covers up to 450 square feet area which makes it suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. Equipped with multi-layer air purification system, the purifier comes with three filters including Pre-filter, HEPA and the company’s own patented- HiSiv filter.

While the Pre-filter removes the PM 10, pet dander and hair particles, the HEPA filter purifies the passing air by removing bacteria, viruses and PM 2.5 particles. The HiSiv filter further improves the air quality by removing odors, formaldehyde and VOC which is indicated on the LCD display from time to time. The highlight of the purifier is that it is 100 percent ozone free, which means it does not emit harmful gases as the by-product of filtration process. In addition to this, the pre-filter is washable and does not require an engineer to change it.

The purifier is available in Champagne Gold and Classic White color variants at a price tag of Rs 25,990.

Buy Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G for Rs 19,500 @ Amazon

Buy Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G at for 19,500 @ Flipkart

Kent Aura

The well known water purifier company, Kent stepped into the air purifier market with its Kent Aura air purifier. Priced at Rs 15,990, the purifier comes with HEPA filter which removes bacteria and PM 2.5 and SPM particles from the air. Similar to the Honeywell purifier mentioned above, this one also has an activated carbon filter which removes bad odour from the air. Also, to further improve the air quality, Kent has equipped the purifier with an inbuilt ionizer which traps the pollutants either on an electrically charged collection plate or forces them to stick to the surface of the walls of the room.

Having a 180 m3/h CADR rate, the purifier is suitable for small spaces of up to 270 square feet. The Kent Aura air purifier has a LED display which indicates the air quality level in three colours, blue for excellent, pink for good and red for poor. Apart from this, there are three different speed levels and has 8 hour timer function. So, if you are looking for an air purifier for small area at a reasonable price, then this will definitely meet up to your requirement.

Buy Kent Aura at Rs 11,206 @ Amazon

Buy Kent Aura at Rs 10,950 @ Flipkart

Philips 3000 series (AC3256/20)

The purifier comes with Vitashield IPS technology which can remove particles of up to 0.02 micron size which is more than 100 times smaller than the normal PM 2.5. With its numerical indicator and 4 color AQI lights, the purifier provides the real time PM levels in the air. Its special Allergen Mode claims that it can remove 99.97 percent common airborne allergens including the H1N1 virus. The purifier automatically boosts its cleaning performance when it detects any change in the quality of the air.

The purifier has an extra NanoProtect HEPA and AC filter having a CADR rate of 367m3/h which makes it suitable for an area of 95m2. Apart from this, the AeraSense technology of the purifier, calculates the life of the filter and also alerts the user about the replacement of the same. Not only this, it automatically stops working if the filter is not replaced on time. It also features a sleep mode which turns down the speed of the fan of the product resulting in noise level of 33db. Users can also adjust the light indicators accordingly in the sleep mode. Philips has priced the product at Rs 32,995 which is a little pricier than the ones listed above but it looks better and offers some extra features if you want to look beyond the basics.

So, with the capacity of tracing the minute particles including virus like H1N1, the Philips 3000 series (AC3256/20) is a product that you would love to own.

Buy Philips 3000 series (AC3256/20) at Rs 26,487 @ Amazon

Buy Philips 3000 series (AC3256/20) at Rs 23,950 @ Flipkart

Philips 2000 series (AC2887/20)

It won’t be wrong if we say that this purifier is the cheaper variant of the above mentioned 3000 series. It serves to clean the air of comparatively smaller area varying from 24 to 41m2. Using the similar Vitasheild IPS technology and NanoProtect filter, the purifier promises to deliver the CADR rate of up to 344m3/h, remove ultra fine particles, harmful gases, bacteria, virus and odour. 

Users can also check the life of the filter as it comes with the company’s AeraSense technology, which indicates filter replacement alert. The key feature is that it reduces the noise level to 20.5db in the silent mode, allowing users to have a noise-free and comfortable sleep at night.

The purifier comes with a price tag of Rs 22,995 which is 10k cheaper than the 3000 series.

Buy Philips 2000 series (AC2887/20) at Rs 19,220 @ Amazon

Buy Philips 2000 series (AC2887/20) at Rs 15,999 @ Flipkart

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